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Andrew Simon McAllister is an award winning composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer. His background of composing music for screen includes cinema released feature films, television series for broadcasting giants such as BBC, ITV, Channel 4, HBO, National Geographic, Discovery, Sky, MTV, Nickelodeon, Netflix, indents and video games.

Andrew started playing brass instruments at age 6, including Cornet and Trumpet before progressing to Horn. He started guitar at age 11, before performing and touring in multiple bands. Andrew studied classical music at Queen’s University graduating with a BA in Music and Electro-Acoustic Composition. He then relocated to the U.S. to enhance his knowledge of writing to picture and attended Berklee College of Music, graduating Summa Cum Laude in Film Scoring.

Andrew demonstrated his classical education with his piano driven score for the BBC World War One series "37 Days", earning him a RTS nomination. In contrast, he scored boxing film “Rocky Ros Muc” with a pure 80’s synthwave score, listed as Best Scores of 2017 by the Irish Times and the score also won a Royal Television Award for Best Original Music.

Andrew created a unique violin and guitar score for the musical film “My Lonely Me” which won Best Soundtrack at the International Film Awards and nominated for Best Score at the World Film and Music Awards. Described by one critic as: “Composer Andrew Simon McAllister brings the music to life and it feels like another character due to the prominence of music throughout….CONCLUSION: With a knockout music soundtrack, maybe… just maybe… this film could have legs."

Other credit highlights include BAFTA Nominated ITV series “The Secret” staring James Nesbitt, Netflix "Hostage to the Devil", HBO Original Series “Halfworlds”, ITV "Torvill & Dean" aired primetime 9pm Christmas day, Agatha Christie, cinematic released "Shooting for Socrates" described by Total Film as "A Knockout", "The Devil's Doorway" released in cinemas worldwide, BBC film "We’re Doomed! The Dad’s Army Story" which broadcast on Christmas Day and repeated New Years Day, BBC Worldwide Nature Series “Planet Earth”, BBC TV Special "Searching for Shergar", Sundance selected cinema released "The White Room" and long running award nominated Channel 4 Series “Dispatches".